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Advanced Polymer Corral Rail

Or Corral Rail was designed in 2016 to replace the steel guardrail farmers and ranchers use for containment systems!  This Rail is not only lightweight, crush proof, and rot proof, it is safer for livestock and the team installing and maintaining.  Also with a 20 year UV warranty!!

Advanced Polymer T-Post

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Advanced Polymer Plank Fence & Post

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North American Outdoors Sporting Equipment

Newly Released DSX-1 Sling Shot, designed for the bow fisherman, archer, sling shot enthusiast, and avid outdoorsman!

North American Feed

Dealer in SweetPro & Equipride, the PREMIER Supplement for cattle, horses, sheep, goat, and deer!!!

Advanced Polymer Corral Rail


Advanced Polymer Corral Rail

Outperforms steel in crush tests.

Bends without breaking and returns to original shape

Weighs just 16 pounds for a 16-foot section


Flexible Lightweight Strong

Our product cuts like wood and is easy to install because no pre-drilling is required. They are solid core black, although other colors can be selected, and never need paint. They are not damaged by fuel spills, fertilizer, pesticides, or animal urine. 


No more wood or steel corrals

Polymer Corrals are super strong, have no sharp edges, and come in 16ft sections in any quantity you need. Amazingly tough and durable, these rails are flexible enough to create round corrals that are light-weight and easy to handle. 

Extreme weather conditions will not affect these corrals, they interlock to create stalls, dividers and even barn walls. 

Advanced Polymer T-Posts


Out preforms steel t-post in both crush and bend break points.

3rd party tested

Fire Resistant

Withstands control burn fires 

3rd part tested


Each weighs just 3.4 lbs

Advanced polymer plank fence


Polymer Plank Fence

Our Fence has a wood texture, solid core, 50 year warranty, and the traditional LOOK!!


This Fence can be installed the same as traditional wood fencing!  You can shoot nail in this fencing, or screws.  We recommend a stainless screw, so that the hardware will last as long as your fence!


You cut this polymer in the same manner as you would a wood board!  No special saws or blades needed!


Available Sizes






Available Colors

Our most popular color is Black, but we do provide white and any other color we can match for your needs!  A minimum quantity run on special orders/colors required

north American outdoors sporting division



Premium Sling Shot that is more than you expect!!!  This particular model comes with bands for traditional balls AND bands to shoot arrows!!  YES ARROWS!!!  This model also can have a bow-fishing reel attached for the bow fisherman!!This is for the archer as well as the traditional Sling Shot Enthusiast!

DSX-1 - Using the Arrow band!


Arrow Set-Up

As you will see in this picture, the DSX-1 is set for the bow hunter and bow fisher!  This model has the same speed as a traditional Recurve Bow!

North American FEED/Sweet pro & Equipride NEVER BUY another mineral block!!!

Beef Feed


SweetPro products feature fermentation feed ingredients, rich in vitamins, minerals and protein. Our patented products help boost your profits by supporting feed efficiencies, labor savings and animal health.

Here's how: 

1. SweetPro blocks use Condensed Distillers Solubles with much higher protein and nearly 10 times the fat as molasses, plus enhanced aroma 

and palatability. 

2. Supported overall digestion and excellent feed efficiency with SweetPro's fermentation feed ingredients, rich in yeasts and volatile organic acids that support rumen fermentation. 

3. Energy in SweetPro blocks comes from complex carbohydrates instead of the simple sugars of molasses, for supported resistance to digestive disruption. 

4. The safe, protein sources of SweetPro blocks include high rumen by pass ingredients to give calves and cattle an extra boost. 

5. SweetPro blocks are fortified with Vitamins A, D and E, and a balanced blend of chelated trace minerals, to supplement lower quality hay, straw 

and stover. 

Labor Savings SweetPro® is high tech nutrition dispensed by a simple, convenient lick block. One pound of SweetPro block replaces 3.5 lbs (1.58 kg) of range cake (Oklahoma trial) and blocks are only placed out every week to ten days, saving labor and fuel costs. This also eliminates the waste of range cubes fed on the ground, where stomping and overconsumption by “boss” cattle often prevent others from consuming their daily required amount. 

Fly Control Blocks Available with ALTOSID® IGR Effective fly control for 3 ½ to 4 cents per hd/day. During horn fly season, without fly control, daily average gain may be reduced by 0.25 lbs (.11 kg) per hd/day. But an Altosid IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) feed-thru fly control investment of $4.50 to $5.50 per cow/calf pair for a summer feeding season will yield returns from 6:1 to 10:1. 

No Negative Associative Effect (NAE). Energy is from complex carbohydrates, not simple sugar, so it supports minimal digestive disruption from digestion of starch (NAE) on the microbial populations which digest fiber in the rumen, keeping rumen pH high for health support. 

Horse Feed


 Equipride and Equilix are “all-in-one” vitamin and mineral supplements for horses that support good health and performance.

EquiPride comes in 5 gallon (18.9 L) pails and 50 lb (22 kg) bags as a loose top dressing that can be added to your horse's regular feed. EquiLix comes as a 50 lb (22 kg) or 125 lb (56 kg) free choice lick block.

Both products work effectively to help support hooves, hair coat, joint lubricity, feed utilization, circulation and resistance to colicing.

SweetPro Feeds has designed these supplements to maximize nutrient uptake from your horses' feed, and minimize the need for multiple supplements.

Horses produce less amylase, the starch and sugar digestive enzyme, than most other animals do. Therefore, the chances are greater for undigested starch from grains and sugar from molasses reaching the hindgut. This Is where trouble starts.

Elevated levels of starch and sugar reaching the cecum, force a shift in the microbial population, lowering pH, and often allowing pathogenic microbes to gain a foothold.

Also, with greater acidity comes cell wall damage which can lead to digestive colic. EquiPride’s unique buffered blend of minerals and prebiotics help limit the chances of this happening. The ingredients have been externally processed (fermented) so they come pre-digested for the horse, thus supporting nutrient utilization of the horse’s entire ration.

This excellent feed efficiency means less forage is used to get the same job done and little or no grain is needed except in the most strenuous of workloads. And it's safe for metabolic and insulin resistant horses.

EquiPride – An "all-in-one" vitamin and mineral supplement top dressing available in 5 gallon (18.9 L) pails and 50 lb (22 kg) bags.

EquiLix – A free choice protein lick block available in a 50 or 125 lb (22 or 56 kg) block.


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